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Charity Work & The 23 Foundation

Chicago LFC Charity

Many would agree that Liverpool FC

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is about more than just football. The club has always stressed the importance of ‘community’ both on Merseyside and abroad. We have done our best to run this supporter’s club with the same values that make Liverpool Football Club the institution that it is.

Chicago LFC and Jamie CaragherIn 2009 the supporter’s club approached club legend Jamie Carragher in regards to his new charity organization, The 23 Foundation

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. Max DeZutter, Toby Emms and John Koutoupis flew over to discuss a potential partnership. All this work led to a very successful event the supporter’s club held, in conjunction with the Merseyside Derby in March ’10.

Currently, the club continues to sell signed Jamie Carragher pictures with your own messages. We also sell our own Chicago LFC t-shirts, with all proceeds going to charity.

We’re committed to continuing these ventures and hope to do the best we can to support the youth in the Chicago Public School system, as well as on Merseyside.